Treating Equine Sarcoids Without Surgery Or Invasive Procedures

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Treating Equine Sarcoids Without Surgery Or Invasive Procedures

18 June 2017
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There's many options for treating equine sarcoids. Most of them come with caveats. You may hear surgical removal of sarcoids is the fastest and most efficient way, but you may want to go with a non-surgical and non-invasive removal process. Here's why non-surgical sarcoid removal may work better for you.

Why You May Not Want Surgical or Invasive Solutions

While there's many surgical solutions available, none of them can promise you full removal of the sarcoid. Nor can they typically help with the underlying BPV in the horse's system. Surgical methods cannot promise the sarcoid will not regrow, or that other sarcoids won't spring up. Surgical and invasive methods can include:

  • Surgical excision
  • Laser removal
  • Cryotherapy
  • Hyperthermia treatments

In addition, surgical removal can come at a high cost. Given the costs and the lack of a guarantee the process will fully help, it makes sense to consider non-surgical removal. It's important to note these types of treatments are ineffectual, and they can work sometimes, they're just not a given.

It's possible to use these methods to increase the effectiveness of other methods, if you have the means. For example, a surgical excision can make a large sarcoid smaller. That in turn will make it easier to manage with a non-surgical solution.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Solutions for Equine Sarcoids

People have seen very good results with topical sarcoid treatments. There's a number of topical sarcoid salves out there. They all vary in effectiveness. You will have to do some research and read up on these products before you purchase.

Salves typically consist of proprietary concoctions that break down the sarcoid tissue. The efficacy of different salves will also depend on the location of the sarcoid, and the type of sarcoid. Before you choose any salves or line of sarcoid salves:

  • Read testimonials
  • Ask other horse owners
  • Research the product, brand, ingredients, and seller
  • Join forums where other horse owners speak about treating sarcoids

Once you find the right topical treatments, make sure you follow the instructions for using them closely. Yes, you will have to put in some legwork, but learning more about topical treatments can go a long way. Sarcoids are very common, and there's a good chance you will have to deal with far more than once.

Sarcoid supplements

Besides a sarcoid salve, you will also want to look into supplements for equine sarcoids. These supplements aim to address the sarcoid problem under the surface. They will boost immunity, metabolism, and help to speed up healing. Supplements can also contain agents that help to weaken or remove the BPV virus from horses, which can help to prevent future sarcoid growth.

Just like with topical salves, it's a good idea to research supplements to make sure you're planning to use the right one for your horse. With a little research, the topical salves, and the supplements, you'll have an easier time of treating equine sarcoids.

Salves and supplements will cost you less than many other methods of sarcoid removal, and are available at businesses like Forest Farmacy. The success rates for some salves are far better or comparable to many other removal methods. These methods also see to your horse's overall health so to reduce the probability of sarcoids altogether.