The First-Timer's Guide To Acid Rock Hemp Flower

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The First-Timer's Guide To Acid Rock Hemp Flower

21 December 2020
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Whether not you've used another variety of hemp flower before, your first time using acid rock hemp flower is bound to be special. This is a really unique strain of hemp, and although it has been around for a while, it has been becoming more common recently. You don't need to know a lot as a first-timer, but it can be helpful to know a little. Here are the basics to get you started.

What do the flowers look like?

This is one element of the appeal of the strain — it is really attractive. The seed leaves are dark green and really curly, and they are coated in a white, fluffy-looking resin. There are orange hairs emerging from the flower, too. Acid rock hemp flowers tend to have very large, dense flowers. So when you buy it, don't be surprised if the volume seems a little less than what you get with other strains. 

How does acid rock hemp taste?

Even people who do not typically like the flavor of hemp smoke find this one quite pleasant. It is strong, but it has a lot of citrus notes that tone down the deeper earthiness. Some say that the hemp has a scent that resembles that of moss. Others note a hint of strawberry.

How will you feel after smoking acid rock hemp flower?

Like other hemp strains, this one won't make you feel high because it has a very, very low concentration of THC. The predominant cannabinoid it contains is CBD, and it also has a significant amount of CBG and CBN. As a result, the hemp should make you feel relaxed, and it should clear your mind. If you struggle with sleep, smoking some of it before bed can help you drift off more easily. Other people use it for help with anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

Are there any downsides to this strain?

Acid rock hemp flower is quite potent, even for a THC-free hemp strain. Unless you have a really high tolerance, you will only need to smoke a few hits to embrace its effects. If you are someone who likes to smoke a larger volume of flower, you may prefer a less-potent strain. You can always combine your acid rock with a less-potent strain and smoke the blend.

Now that you know a bit more about this strain, go ahead and have a smoke. It's bound to be a pleasant experience.