Three Reasons Why CBD For Pain Relief Is Best In A Vape Pen

Nothing is worse than learning that you have a life-threatening disease like cancer. Learn about how natural healthcare might help. Click here.

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Nothing is worse than learning that you have a life-threatening disease like cancer. In addition to wrapping your mind around the concept of near-certain death, you also have to endure the rigors of traditional treatment. However, you might be able to make things a little more bearable by taking advantage of natural healthcare practices. I know that it sounds crazy, but holistic methods can make your treatment more manageable, so that you can make your way through your therapies. Ancient methods like acupuncture, cupping, and energy re-direction really made my treatment peaceful, and I know that it can do the same for you.

Three Reasons Why CBD For Pain Relief Is Best In A Vape Pen

31 August 2018
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CBD, the chemical found in hemp that's been shown to be useful for pain conditions, can be imbibed many ways. From tinctures to edibles, hemp CBD is available in many varieties to suit all sorts of needs. However, if you're looking for pain relief, getting your CBD via a vape pen, such as HempLucid Vape, offers several benefits over the others, like these three:

Immediate Relief

Smoking hemp in any way will help to speed it into the lungs, which means that it almost immediately makes it into your bloodstream. This makes it the most effective method for getting into your system quickly. The same principle works with vape pens. The CBD is converted into vapor, which is inhaled into the lungs and rapidly absorbed. While other methods have to be gradually absorbed or even digested in the stomach, using a vape pen will get you the relief you need the moment you need it.

No Smoke

While multiple smoking methods are useful for quickly taking in CBD, all but vape pens involve smoke. Smoke can be irritating to your lungs and throat, which may make it a poor choice for pain relief, especially if those are areas of your body that hurt or if coughing hurts.

Vape pens release vapor, not smoke, so they're typically gentler on the throat and lungs. The lack of smoke also means that you don't have to worry about making your home or car smell like smoke. You may also be able to vape indoors in businesses and restaurants, though it will depend upon your local laws. 

Preset Dosage

Finally, using a vape pen takes the trouble of having to choose a dose for yourself. CBD vape pens are designed to only emit a premeasured amount of the CBD at any given time. So, for example, if you were using a 5 mg pen, you'd only get 5 mg per puff. If you needed more than that, you'd take two puffs for 10 mg. In comparison, methods like traditional smoking and tinctures can be a little difficult to regulate how much you imbibe. While there are no real negatives to taking too much CBD, if you're interested in getting an exact dose and not wasting medicine, vape pens are simply superior.

Using hemp for pain relief is one of the most effective ways of killing your pain without taking opioids or other painkillers. If you want these benefits, pick up a vape pen and start getting relief right away. Get in touch with a company such as Columbus Botanical Depot for more information.