Tips For Using Allicin Oil To Treat Pinworms

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Tips For Using Allicin Oil To Treat Pinworms

13 April 2023
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Pinworms can be quite a nuisance. These tiny worms live in the large intestine or colon, and they crawl out of the rectum to lay their eggs around the anus. Usually, they do this at night, and it leads to intense itching in the anal area. While pinworms are common in kids, they can affect adults, too. The good news is that while they are certainly gross and unpleasant to deal with, they are not terribly hard to get rid of. Allicin oil is a natural remedy that works well, and it is sold in many pharmacies and health food stores. Here are some tips to follow when using allicin oil to get rid of pinworms. 

Use it consistently

Check the label on the allicin oil. It will likely tell you how long you need to take it in order to get rid of pinworms. Often, these products are recommended to be used for a week or more. Make sure you stick with using the allicin oil for the full recommended period. Don't stop early even if you stop seeing worms or experiencing itching. The symptoms may disappear before all of the worms are dead, and treating them for a longer time helps ensure you get rid of them completely.

Treat the whole family

Pinworms are very contagious. If one person in your family has them, there is a good chance others also have them or will soon become infected. It is therefore a good idea to treat the whole family with allicin oil at the same time. This way, one family member won't pass the worms back to someone who has previously been treated; you won't end up in a cycle of parasitic infection.

Brush your teeth

Allicin oil comes from garlic, and as such, it has an intense garlic flavor. So, your mouth will smell and taste like garlic after using this oil. Brush your teeth after using it to get rid of this odor.

Watch kids to make sure they take it

If you are treating your kids for pinworms, make sure you watch and make sure they consume all of the allicin oil. You may need to give them a treat or snack afterward to help get rid of the garlic flavor. Remind them that the remedy you're giving them will help the itching stop.

With the tips above, you can effectively treat a pinworm allicin oil.