Enjoying The Healing Journey

Nothing is worse than learning that you have a life-threatening disease like cancer. Learn about how natural healthcare might help. Click here.

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Enjoying The Healing Journey

Nothing is worse than learning that you have a life-threatening disease like cancer. In addition to wrapping your mind around the concept of near-certain death, you also have to endure the rigors of traditional treatment. However, you might be able to make things a little more bearable by taking advantage of natural healthcare practices. I know that it sounds crazy, but holistic methods can make your treatment more manageable, so that you can make your way through your therapies. Ancient methods like acupuncture, cupping, and energy re-direction really made my treatment peaceful, and I know that it can do the same for you.

How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

17 July 2019
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CBD oil tincture has become a popular remedy for people who experience all types of pain, distress, and discomfort. It is a natural remedy made from cannabis. There is no THC within the CBD oil, so it doesn't make you high or cause you to fail a drug screen. People who try it describe all sorts of benefits, from a clearer mind to less overall pain. The body is set up with an endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate sleep patterns, responses to pain, and your immune system. Read More …

Tips For Treating Your Migraines With Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

31 May 2019
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If prescription medications have failed to control your painful migraines and you want to try a natural health care solution, then essential oils are a great option. Essential oils are oils extracted from plants and are 100% natural. The essential oil is extracted from the plant's fruits, leaves, seeds, or roots, and these healing oils have been used for millennia by people all over the globe to treat a wide variety of different ailments. Read More …

What Is Hemp Flower, And Is It Legal?

24 April 2019
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Hemp and cannabis are often confused. The latter is a substance which is still illegal on the federal level, although many states have legalized it for medical and even recreational use. The former, hemp, is a closely related plant that is allowed to be cultivated in the U.S. Since the distinction can still get confusing when shopping for hemp products, here is a closer look at the difference between hemp and cannabis, and how hemp is used. Read More …

Tapping For Weight Loss? Is This For Real?

25 March 2019
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You know you need to lose weight. You've probably tried a few fad diets and may have even lost a few pounds. However, there are some unseen hurdles there to seem to always steal your zest for sticking with the recommended "eat-healthy-get-exercise" routine. If you were to stumble across a social media post about tapping to help you lose weight, you may scoff at the idea but still read on nevertheless just because you are curious. Read More …

Some Things Medical Marijuana Can Help With

8 February 2019
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If you have a chronic illness, then you may find you can get some relief through medical marijuana or medical marijuana products. One thing you want to know is there are products that don't contain the THC which is what makes you feel the effects some people like and some people don't like. This means that you have the option to go either way. There are different ways to use medical marijuana as well. Read More …